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PC Health Boost Review -
PC Health Boost Review. Welcome to PC Health Boost Product Report. professional product analysis group has examined PC Health Boost. Review - Webutation - Website Reputation ...
PC Health Boost fixed it. The overall experience was very pleasant and just about what I’d want for any family member. I went ahead and downloaded this software on to my mother’s laptop to help her out and now she calls me much less.
Is PC Health Boost Safe? - A PC Health Boost Review!
Is PC Health Boost Safe? – A PC Health Boost Review! A computer needs maintenance on a regular basis to keep its performance at a high level.
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Once fixed, our computers were clocked to run at the out of box state they did when they were brand new - This was the only registry cleaner able to do this as well.
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amandaNhana said...
I have been regularly maintaining my PC with PC Health Boost for several months now. I found this utility while searching the internet for an error message I started getting. The program had many good reviews so it felt safe to try it. I had no issues with their website and the software program was not only easy to install, but was easy to use. It fixed the error I was experiencing and cleaned up a few other issues i was not aware of. My computer was running much faster after I used the utility. Now I use it whenever I have downloaded new programs or new music off the web.

Wednesday, 02. October 2013 12:13AM
Renaldo Gonzalez said...
This is a nifty program because it fixed up your computer, but it does it simply without too many bells and whistles to confuse a bloke. I don’t use my computer much but when I do, I don’t always keep it the cleanest when it comes to downloading things, sometimes the programs are a bit questionable. This program helps me clean up the thing when I’m a bit more sober. I wish I didn’t try downloading things that will jack it all up, but I’m not always at my best late at night. PC HealthBoost helps make sure that I don’t have to live with regret for too long.

Thursday, 29. August 2013 02:24AM
Sam Hunt said...
Can you say, "blue screen of death"? It is a pretty scary think to look at, too! I just had this issue with one of my PC's and I really thought I'd just chunk it. But, when reviewing this PC healthboost software I found out you can bring your computer back to life after this near death experience. Well I tell you then, I am born again! I was able to download that software and let it run a scan until it found all the system errors. It was bad. But, after just a few minutes it repaired every problem and I was able to boot up with no signs of damage done.

Saturday, 17. August 2013 10:36PM
Greg said...
Well, PC Healthboost gets my vote for 100% effective in cleaning my windows registry and from what I learned during the process, there are 8 different registry locations! This software checked for corrupt files, reported how many there were (over 200) and then I was able to initiate the program to allow it to systematically fix each error. I did a scan about a week later and was astonished to find more errors. I do work on the Internet, so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. But, this product was also able to speed up my system, so the start up and shut down procedures aren’t taking near as long as they used to. This is due to their ScanSafe technology with start-up boost, scan scheduling and clever update. I’m just now learning about all of this, but I can say it’s super efficient. Really glad I found this product when I did, and I will be telling others I know about it.

Tuesday, 06. August 2013 11:48PM
Jo said...
It is nice to know that I can schedule to have PC HealthBoost run a scan on my computer each week to ensure I am not having any issues with my computer. PC HealthBoost has helped repair and fix my registry. By doing that it has also helped my computer's performance and speed. I am one happy camper now. This product is very affordable and has helped in many ways. These days it is expensive to have your computer worked on. I am happy to know this company goes above and beyond to help others. I had several questions in the beginning in which customer service helped answer all my questions. Since I use this product now I have told others about it just in case they may be having the same issues I was.

Tuesday, 30. July 2013 06:29PM
Jesse said...
It does most of what I need it to do. I can more quickly fix anything that's wrong with it. It helps mostly for people who already update their machine as often as possible.This software, however, more than anything works well as a registry cleaner. It really has improved my PC performance.

Tuesday, 23. July 2013 02:26AM
Ashley said...
I use this product on both my laptop and my desktop. I've found it to be very useful, b/c I'm not very good with maintenance on computers. PC HealthBoost is user friendly, effective, and affordable so anyone who needs help maintaining their registry will be able to get it and use it easily. They also have excellent customer service. I've only had to call them once with a question, and my issue was resolved quickly and the customer service representative was very polite and helpful.

Tuesday, 16. July 2013 12:36PM
Penny said...
I started receiving errors on my computer and could not figure out what was causing them. My neighbor recommended PC HealthBoost as it had helped him fix his computer problems. I installed it and after running it I was very happy with the results. I no longer get error messages and my computer is running quite a bit faster!

Friday, 12. July 2013 10:34PM
April said...
I was having a lot of issues with my registry on my computer. My computer's performance was not good at all as well. I kept getting error messages in regards to my registry. I am glad I found PC HealthBoost. After installing the program on my computer the program detected all the issues I was having. I allowed PC HealthBoost to fix and update the problems I was having. I am so glad I did. I am no longer receiving errors. The performance of my computer is running so much better. Almost like I have a new computer. I want to say thank you to customer support for answering all my questions and guiding me in the right direction.

Saturday, 06. July 2013 12:08AM
Bobby Tates said...
An overall score of 87 is pretty impressive. I know some of those sites can be pretty rigorous. I've been looking for a software to clean up the PC's in my lab at school and this might be the ticket. Now the only problem is getting them registered with our purchasing department (each thing takes a PO). I looked at this link first before coming here, it set me on the track:

Wednesday, 03. July 2013 03:20PM
Meridith said...
I use this software on my lap top and my PC, and it works wonderfully. I recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their PC running well, or return it to it's PC glory days. Here's some info on what might have slowed down your computer, and how this software can help you fix your issues.

Tuesday, 02. July 2013 10:45PM
Grant said...
One of the best registry cleaner available. Very useful and get your computer running fast again

Monday, 24. June 2013 04:34PM
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