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Bill said...
I* do not have time to play around with you or you shenanigans. so \I will sign off. all i wanted was for you to tell me where I could buy the product in Winnipeg. What a waste of time!

Friday, 18. December 2020 04:52AM
Bill said...
I am 90 yo so does that help? I am probably older than most people who write in. If you had known who the co. was that I mentioned you would realize that I am still admiring the opposite sex and still trying to look like a man instead of some old geezer

Friday, 18. December 2020 01:49AM
Bill said...
I have very wrinkled skin from 2 many hours in the .sun. Skin on my hands very thin and bruises easily;also many brown skin marks. wrinkles are softening and back of hands look like skin is healthier; brown spots diminishing after one month of use. Looking for Winnipeg supplier as my 1st supply came with goods from Ready on Command.

Thursday, 17. December 2020 09:58PM
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